FIFA 17 of the sport and the tinkle of iron and steel cut more powerful sound, along with a range of release time is getting closer. The ambitious project is handed over to Platinum Games Kojima is indeed one hack and slash game that is so anticipated, especially considering that he came as a sequel series that will continue the story of MGS 4 itself. Although it has been confirmed to be present in 2013, is the first time EA announced the official release date of FIFa 17 coin generator this. So, when you will be able to try it in person?

In the Gamescom event is being organized, EA brings a new trailer for FIFa 17 coin generator. Not much new content that is presented in it, other than the additional 45 seconds of footage showing "a friend of the struggle" Raiden latest in this series, with a design that is quite surprising. Absolutely, this Cyborg Ninja appears to be getting a "pets" faithful dog-shaped robot tailed chainsaw. Not explained how Raiden's new friends would play a role in the gameplay.

Back to the original question, when exactly you will have the opportunity to satisfy curiosity about FIFa 17 coin generator this? EA will release the game on February 19, 2013 for North America and parts of South America. As for Asia, Europe, and Japan, Raiden will come two days later - precisely February 21, 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It's ready to test the sharpness of the sport Raiden? 6 months to go!

RTS gamer fans which are not curious when EA announced the latest series Command & Conquer at the end of last year. Handed over to Bioware, FIFA 17, which was introduced via a short teaser is indeed appear charming. Promising an epic battle increasingly wah, EA chose Frostbite Engine 2.0 as a major force to bring a more destructive atmospheric feast for the eyes. This is all not enough to make you look forward to his presence? What if I mention a magic word that will attract all eyes in the direction of this game: FREE.

At the time of its introduction, many gamers who would jump to the conclusion that this second series will also come with a format similar gameplay and marketing. But in fact, EA and Bioware have a strategy of "extreme" that made him appear as a series that is impossible to miss. Absolutely, FIFA 17 will be distributed for free, aka free-to-play in 2013. A game Frosbite 2.0, epic, and contains massive battles, offered free of charge? Totally awesome!