Most gamers who loved the military shooter will certainly not miss the Madden Mobile hack EA released this summer. In contrast to the Ghost Recon which as we know, Future Soldier coming up with a new mechanism of a third person, by making the theme and setting of a futuristic war as the main selling point. The war epic and equipment with a variety of unique functions that make the experience of Future Soldier powerful enough to satisfy gamers fans of this war theme. Not surprising that EA is planning a sequel to the series's Future Soldier.

EA itself does not provide any confirmation of a sequel Future Soldier. However, a slide presentation intended for internal EA Kiev spread in cyberspace. This slide shows the presence of the sequel project named "Ghost Recon - Future Soldier: NEXT" to be built using the technology of DirectX 11. There has been no confirmation of any of the console that will be carried by this series, in addition to the certainty that the PC version will again be handled by EA Kiev. There are few things quite interesting to note, among others, point slides which "demanded" that the team was able to create a quality game in difficult working conditions. Unfortunately, no such difficult conditions described what awaits this team.
Slide presentation is believed to be a confirmation of the presence of a sequel to Future Soldier - NEXT .. Some rumors also mention that this series will be released for next generation consoles, in addition to the PC version that has been confirmed to be handled by EA Kiev.

Some rumors in cyberspace also believe that the word NEXT to Future Soldier indicate a release for next generation consoles, which is still a big mystery in the hands of Microsoft and Sony. EA has not given any official comment regarding this matter.