Meet again with me in Mobile Strike  , a weekly rubric Tech in Asia Indonesia that discuss world sundries Mobile Strike hack. Last week we've talked about things that are not so technical, that two types of mentality of the players Mobile Strike hack. This time we will be back discuss game strategy, the strategy of playing as jungler.

Jungler just one of the five types of role in Mobile Strike hack. What is your favorite role?

A jungler be hated by members of his team for two reasons. First, the player can not be farming with efficient, so late "so". Second, he was too busy farming in the forest to the point of never help gank or clash. Through this article, I invite you to a little more to understand the essence jungling, as well as strategies that you be not so jungler that hurt the team.

The first thing we need to consider is the purpose of jungling itself, namely to maximize resource available in the arena. Just think, when the two heroes play in the same lane, they will only get half the experience and gold from the lane. By moving one hero to the forest, the two heroes can level up more quickly, and can do without the need to scramble last hit and visit .

Although jungler not through the laning phase, it does not mean you should "farmed" in the woods constantly. A jungler should begin contributing to the slowest team after the game to walk 8-10 minutes. This time is enough to get the capital to make you excel in the clash. For example, hit a six, or buy essential items like Blink Dagger.

When the game is already running more than ten minutes and you can not play an active role in the clash, it means you're late or not farming optimal. There are several strategies that you can do to make farming more efficient in the woods, one of them is a technique called a choke point jungling.
What's choke point?

Simply put, a choke point can be defined as a point in the arena which can only be passed by only one vote. By cutting certain trees, you can create a narrow corridor in the forest, and fishing neutral creep into it. Fighting in a choke point is very advantageous because you only need to resist the creep at a time. Damage that you receive is much smaller, so jungling be more secure.